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Our capabilities extend to natural products isolation, semi-synthesis and synthetic analogs of natural products, drug-like compounds, metabolites, building blocks, and more. This year we are proud to start working with Asian companies to improve conference marketing materials for a Western audience. 

Vitamin K

We have unique expertise in the field of Vitamin K metabolite and derivative synthesis.  Currently we are developing a library of novel Vitamin K derivatives by modifying both naphthoquinone and sidechain.

Custom Synthesis

We provide pre-clinical, non-GMP custom synthesis service to the pharmaceutical, agriculture, and biotechnology sectors.

Organic Chemical Sourcing

We have the knowledge and relationships with chemical suppliers to obtain the material you need, when you need it.

Contract Research

Our expertise allows us to assist in scientific research so companies can focus on their end project goals.

Conference Marketing

We combine the Art and Science of marketing to a Western audience. We bring marketing materials to the next level through consistency of design, language, and science.

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